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Our Presence & Fairs:

During the following events you can satisfy oneself about the unique advantages of our products "on-site":

  • 01. Juli 2023: Pferdefachtag Oberfranken, 95183 Zedwitz
  • 15. - 19. November 2023: German Masters, Stuttgart, Abreitehalle (Porsche-Arena)
  • 16. - 18. Februar 2024: Pferd Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Halle 4 - A 201
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Unique product advantages

Product advantagesEasy to use

An abdominal belt is not necessary.

Non-slip characteristics

The contact between the knitting meshes and the natural structure of the skin give a safe hold.

High elasticity and affectionate nature ...

The typical characteristic of the proved knitting technology does not allow any gaps between the blanket and the horse body. Thus, being a second skin, it cannot become cold under the blanket. In fact this makes an efficient and quick drying possible.

High thermal diffusivity

The mixed yarn used absorbs the humidity of the fur quickly and gives ist out to the surface of the blanket. The horse feels dry and warm.

Open-pored surface

The widely projected surface of the knitting structure allows a high degree of evaporation and thus allows an extremely quick drying. The "feeling" of the blanket is sportive-smooth.

No electrostatic charge

The use of the highest possible natural fiber content in our products can't create an electrostatic charge.

Fits well

Means fits like a glove - thanks to the bi-directional elasticity of the material. Available sizes: 85 cm to 165 cm withers measurement.
Further Sizes and special layouts upon request.

High body protection

For your horse during transport and in the stable thanks to the rugged and gentle material.

Makes your horse feel warm

You know like it feels to have a warm pullover in the winter. This is your horse feels like thanks to the ability of re-transpiring.

Made in Germany

The manufacturing in Germany grants a constant quality, highest flexibility and short delivery times even fulfilling special requests of our customers.


Should your blanket be damaged - no problem, we repair it. Just send us the blanket, signing the damaged position and we will return it to you within short.

Your blanket is too big or too small? No problem, you may exchange it.

We have made our mark!

Our engagement for your horse makes us working reliable and innovative. Test us!