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Horse blanket withers 175

233,00 EUR
(incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping Cost)
Basic colour:
Edging colour:
Here you find our » color pattern.

Knitted blankets from new wool blended yarn - why not?

Actually conceived as a car seat cover and through further development used as a horse blanket.  A steadily increasing number of riders use our knitted horse blankets since 1987, they and the horses of course are inspired of the natural materials and their exceptional advantages.

On one side you have the safety aspect. The use of the highest possible content of natural fiber in our products avoid electrostatic charge.

On the other side you have a time saving aspect. The knitting structure of the blanket on the skin side have a grooming effect. So a part of your daily work will be done on its own.

Another advantage is the adaptable nature and flexibility of the blanket. The typical characteristic of the proved knitting technology does not allow any gaps between the blanket and the horse body. In fact this makes an efficient and quick drying possible. Additionally it ensure a completely unrestricted movability during the traveling, at the pasture and in the horsewalker.

A customer statement: "Fits like a sweater!"

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